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We are a solution oriented company that provides 


Residential & Commercial Real Estate Sales


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Market Research

What we do

RAYN Trading Plc was formed in Addis Ababa with two young Marketing and Business Professionals. Over the past 12 years we have developed sales and marketing strategies for a mix of brands and SME’s.

Our team has a real understanding of client objectives, integrating marketing and sales solutions as well as providing unrestrained creative thinking. Alongside our creative and strategic marketing skills, we also look to integrate design with technology platforms. 


Real-estate Marketing

RAYN Trading plc focuses on supplying home buyers and home sellers professionalism and expertise in reaching a successful sale and/or purchase in their real estate needs. Our marketing experts will search for real estate developers and form agreement with those who think win -win. Our concentration also lies with our agents. We provide our sales agents the support program they need and productivity should excel at a rapid pace.
Due to rapid population growth and house shortage, more homebuyers today are looking to purchase homes. The real estate industry is a newly emerging sector in Ethiopia and more than 200 real estate developers available. At the same time there are so many emerging real estate marketing companies. We will strive to satisfy the needs home buyers, sellers and sales agents and expect to become a recognized name and profitable entity in the Ethiopian real estate market.

Strategic Marketing Firm

Whether you are running a business or operating a non-profit, your organization’s identity requires a strategic marketing consulting firm in Addis Ababa who can navigate an increasingly competitive world composed of content marketing, conversion ratios, profit margins, social media, and more.

You need someone who understands what motivates consumers, and will do what it takes to identify and fulfill customer needs to expand your client base.

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Our Mission

The Mission of RAYN Trading plc is to provide superior services, innovations and solutions that improve the quality of life and satisfy customer needs.

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